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PC Health Check

A PC Health Check is a Pre-Defined Set Of Steps to help improve the speed and general stability of your PC Computer or Laptop Computer system.

We perform a number of steps to help speed up your computer system.
The process takes around 1 hour to complete and costs £66 Remotely for residential customers and £75 for business customers.

The service is performed on your computer by one of our engineers remotely. You do not need to bring your computer to us!

It is important to maintain your computer on a regular basis to help prevent system crashes and to optimise your computers performance. Computer systems can become clogged due to the constant installation of programs, internet browsing and general day to day use. Just as a car has an oil change, your computer operating system, known as "Windows" needs regular attention. You may have noticed already that your computer isn't as fast as it used to be. Perform a Health check to optimise your computer system to the best of it's ability.

Computer Health Check

The check consists of the following;

  • Free up disk space by removing old, temporary files.
  • The removal of rogue unused programs to free up disk space.
  • Optimise the Windows registry to help improve machine responsiveness.
  • Cleaning and organising of desktop icons.
  • Cleaning of the Windows event logs.
  • Removal of internet cache and cookies to improve browsing speed.
  • Optimisation of system startup.
  • Downloading and Installation of the latest windows updates.
  • A Full Malware and Spyware scan.
  • A Full machine Hard Drive De-Fragmentation.